Webinar: Connect your ScanSnap to the Cloud with M-Files Cloud Vault (Rescheduled)

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January 6, 2011
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Webinar: Connect your ScanSnap to the Cloud with M-Files Cloud Vault (Rescheduled)

We brought it to you in December and have decided to bring it to you one more time and sweeten the pot!  Sign up for our FREE Webinar and learn how to connect your ScanSnap – and every application on your desktop – directly to the cloud.

M-Files Cloud Vault is an exciting new document management service that enables scanned documents to be tagged, organized and stored in the “cloud” for instant retrieval by just typing in a tag or any word in the document itself.  There’s no need to purchase or configure a server.  It’s easy  if you know Windows you know M-Files, because it’s just Windows Explorer, and all Windows applications and file types are supported.

We plan to give away 1 FREE ScanSnap to 1 lucky person who registers and attends our event! Join us online on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 10am PT.

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Scott Erickson and Doug Cripps will present on ScanSnap and M-Files and then open it up to the field for a few questions. The majority of our time will be spent learning all the wonderful features and functions of M-Files that will help us save time and money. The ScanSnap portion will be limited to a few “Tips & Tricks” that pour in from our users.

Mark your calendars!

-The ScanSnap Team