Use The Features Built In To Mac OSX

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August 10, 2010
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Use The Features Built In To Mac OSX

Many people don’t realize that there are a lot of document management features already built into Mac OSX.  Here are a few of the most handy ones.

  • You can re-order and delete pages from a PDF right in Open up the PDF and click the Sidebar icon. Then you will see all the pages on the right. Drag the pages around or hit Delete to remove the page.
  • You can merge pages or whole PDFs using Open up two PDFs in Preview and make sure the Sidebar is showing for both of them.  Drag the pages from one PDF’s Sidebar to the other, and hit Save.  You’ve now merged them!
  • Set a password for a PDF in Go File > Save As, click the Encrypt checkbox, and set a password
  • Use the Annotate button to mark up or highlight text, add notes, etc. to a PDF
  • If you want to focus on what you are reading, hit Command-Shift-F in when you are viewing a PDF to go into Full Screen mode
  • OSX comes with a built in scanner tool called Image Capture. Go to Applications > Image Capture to see if it works with your scanner
  • To use Spotlight to only search for PDFs, use the kind modifier.  For example “kind:pdf sears” will only search PDFs for the word sears
  • I am sure every Mac user knows this, but just in case, you can create a PDF from any application. Go File > Print, and hit the PDF button in the bottom left corner

Those are just a few document tips that are built into Mac OSX. If you have some more, why not share them on the Facebook page?

Brooks Duncan