Why Should Students Go Paperless

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July 16, 2015
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Why Should Students Go Paperless

If you are a student, how often do you wish you could just scan parts of a textbook to your laptop, phone, or tablet? What about the frustration of trying to search through an entire book for a specific topic?

ScanSnap knows that in most cases, students are on a limited budget. Not everyone can go out there and spend hundreds of dollars on a few textbooks that will end up being used for one term. ScanSnap document scanners offer students the opportunity to save money and make information easily accessible.

Here’s my list of why students should invest in going paperless:

  1. Information is just a scan away!
    Imagine capturing public domain content, and in five minutes, scan the important pages directly to your computer or mobile device. On top of that, ScanSnap scanners convert your files into searchable PDFs, so you can save time by easily searching a scanned document for exactly what you need. Think how easy it would be to search through your book using just the ‘Ctrl+F’ function. As a student, I think that our time is valuable and the more we have means more time to study and be prepared for upcoming exams. Every second counts.
  2. Messy notes? No problem!
    Many students still use notebooks to take notes. The ScanSnap iX100 mobile scanner allows you to scan your notes right there and then to a laptop or mobile device. It has a built in Wi-Fi transmitter that allows you to scan wherever you are, so you can take notes and scan them directly to your computer, tablet, or phone. I still get paper syllables in every single class and then when I lose one in the pile of papers I have, I waste precious time searching for it. With the iX100 I am able to scan the syllabus right to my device of choice and scan any other paper handouts I might get throughout the term.
    What if a friend wants to borrow your notes? No need to give them your notebook, just do a quick scan and email it to them!
  3. #ScanSnapHasYourBack
    One of the best parts – your back will thank you. Back pain won’t be an issue anymore since there is no need to carry those textbooks with you everywhere you go. No more heavy backpacks and no more shoulder pain. Can this get any better? Oh yes, when you’re older, you won’t need to spend additional money on a chiropractor.
  4. Job applications made easy
    Searching for a job can be hard and filled with paperwork. In my experience, I always receive a pile of documents that need to be printed, signed, scanned, and sent back to potential employers. I always wished I had my own scanner that could scan the documents in just a few seconds and send them on their way, instead of having to go to somewhere to get them scanned and emailed. With ScanSnap, this process can be achieved in a matter of seconds. Print, sign, scan, and email. No more hassle of going to the store, paying money to scan documents, and then going back home to email them. We all need a simpler life.
  5. Practice organization!
    We all know the importance of being organized. It saves time and helps you concentrate better when you know where everything is. When we, as students, feel more organized and prepared, the world is at the palm of our hands. We have control over our files and documents and studying has never been easier. We won’t get frustrated looking for papers in an overfilled binder anymore. The best feeling is knowing that our documents are safely stored in our devices, labeled, and ready for us to access anywhere, making it easier for us to get the most out of our education.

Interested in investing in a ScanSnap scanner before the school year starts? Below, check out my favorite models for students:

ScanSnap iX100

Beauty Shot 1[9]

ScanSnap iX500

0394 no shadow[5]

ScanSnap SV600

SV600 LF w-Eng[2]

Nicole Grosskopf
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.