The Winning Game Plan to Avoiding The Paperadium

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January 27, 2017
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January 30, 2017
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The Winning Game Plan to Avoiding The Paperadium

Are you ready for some football? We are! In a few days, the big game will take place, featuring the fan favorites from the northeast versus the underdogs from the Peach State that have a strong affiliation with fast birds.

Typically on the day of the big game, most people get together with family and friends for 3 hours of pigskin, pricy commercials, and food, lots of it. As of late, the food part has become a key component of the day’s festivities thanks to the phenomenon that is – The Snackadium. In case you haven’t experienced one in person, it’s a party platter with various snacks arranged in a manner to resemble a football stadium.


To build the biggest and best Snackadium, it takes vision, planning, and dedication. The same qualities are needed to ensure you have a rock solid game plan in place to win the paper battle. But what if you’re currently on the losing side of that battle? What if you have boxes and boxes of paper clutter, enough to make the biggest and baddest (not in a good way) Paperadium? You call on us, the ScanSnap team, to help you turn the tables.


Here’s the winning game plan…

Identify your all-pro players – In this case, your go-to players are the iX500 and iX100. The iX100 is small and quick and can scan a single-side color A4 document at 300 dpi in 5.2 seconds. Are the odds stacked against you? And when we say stacked we mean stacks and stacks of paper? Don’t worry; the proven iX500 has what it takes to get the entire job done in a matter of minutes.

Know your MVP’s (Most Valuable Partners) – It takes a team to win, and we have a solid roster of partners in place who can help, especially if you prefer your documents in the cloud. Just download ScanSnap Cloud. Once installed, you can tell your documents to run the perfect deep route to Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive and other popular cloud services.

Game time – The big day is here! Gather up all of the clutter (documents, bills, receipts, etc.), line them up in the feeder, press the blue button and TOUCHDOWN!

Do an end zone dance – You scored! Your paper mess is history. What do football players do after they score a critical touchdown? A victory dance! You should do one too; you deserve it.

Practice makes perfect – After winning, give yourself a day to bask in the glory. Then refocus and prepare for the next season. In this case, you should implement a winning regiment. How? Designed at least one day a week to be your scanning day. Doing so will ensure the Paperadium doesn’t come back.