Take Fujitsu ScanSnap Documents With You

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January 18, 2011
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Take Fujitsu ScanSnap Documents With You

Scanned documents are no longer locked inside your computer. With some clever apps and an Apple iPad, your scanned docs are as mobile as you are.

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners are widely considered to be the best in their category. Combine one with an Apple iPad and your scanned documents become more accessible and useful than ever. This duo of super-simple, powerful technologies allows you to quickly scan any paper document, create searchable and editable files, and take them with you wherever you may roam.

ScanSnap has a well-deserved reputation for allowing users to easily scan single- or double-sided documents in black-and-white or color. And its powerful software makes documents immediately searchable. It’s no surprise that ScanSnap models are some of the highest-rated scanners on Amazon. In fact, the ScanSnap S1500 Instant PDF Sheet- Fed Scanner for PC is the site’s number one seller. Combine Scansnap with the iPad, which has garnered rave reviews from tech critics and sold millions in the first six months since its release, and you’ll be ready to leave your laptop at home while staying connected just about anywhere in the world with Apple’s 1.5 pound tablet.

Say goodbye to wallets stuffed with receipts waiting to be entered into an expense report. Instead, run them through your ScanSnap, then use your a Mac, PC, or network connection to sync or upload the files to your iPad with iTunes, Dropbox, Evernote, or any of the many other free or inexpensive file organizing and sharing apps. Now you can finish that expense report from the road.

If, in true entrepreneurial form, you’ve mapped out a brilliant idea on a scrap of paper over lunch, feed it into your ScanSnap so you can bring your future empire closer to reality on your next flight. On your way to a high school reunion? Scan those old snapshots into JPEGs and upload everything onto Facebook en route. You can do the same with drawings, charts, contracts, or articles torn from the newspaper.

Once the documents are saved on your iPad, you can display, edit, annotate, and manipulate the information using a score of robust apps, including Evernote, iAnnotate PDF, GoodReader, and Noterize. Many include free companion desktop programs that sync document libraries when the iPad is connected to your computer with a USB

or wireless connection. The applications make it easy to share files. And with iOS 4.2 you can switch between apps just like on a desktop or laptop. That means you can easily combine and consolidate information from different files in various apps to create new documents. With iOS 4.2, can also print from the iPad using a wireless network.

To access scanned financial documents from the road, try some of the inexpensive and robust apps available for the iPad, like iSpreadsheet, Bills for iPad, or Apple’s Numbers. If you travel frequently, Expense Manager is a great companion to these apps for tracking receipts and expense reports. Best of all, you can do this all without having to squint—the iPad’s large, high-resolution display makes it a pleasure to edit and organize information on the go, whether using the touchscreen keyboard or Apple’s optional, inexpensive full-size external keyboard and dock.

With sensitive data, you’ll want to store documents securely on a network server or a cloud storage service—or on the iPad itself. With up to 64 GB of memory, the 1.5 pound device can store thousands of pages of complex documents, and allows multiple levels of password-protection and other security measures, which Apple promises to beef up even more in iOS 4.2.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap and Apple’s iPad are a great team for getting rid of clutter and managing scanned documents at home or for your small business. Try bringing them together — and watch your mobile productivity soar.

*Written by PC World