September 24, 2014

ScanSnap Squad Review: ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Scanner

One of the first blog posts I wrote was about the power of the scanner option on my school’s photocopier. If you somehow collected all of […]
July 28, 2014

10 Tips for Going Paperless in the Classroom

There are many reasons for a teacher to take their classroom paperless, but what happens when someone else decides it is time for your classroom to […]
May 7, 2014

National Teacher Appreciation Week: Reflections on Being a Teacher

I really didn’t set out to be a teacher – it’s more like teaching called me into its ranks. I think that’s what “vocation” actually means. Even as a child in grade school, I enjoyed gaining knowledge, figuring out how things related, and then explaining that to my classmates. Helping others understand what was at first confusing has always been a delight to me.
November 13, 2013

New Squad Member: Sam Patterson on Using the ScanSnap iX500 as a Teacher

As a teacher I have been a long-time fan of ScanSnap. When I was introduced to scanning technology in school my approach to in-class paper handouts […]
November 1, 2013

New ScanSnap Squad Member: Kate Peila and Her Paperless Classroom

Hi there! My name is Kate Peila and I am a primary teacher from Billings, Montana. I have the privilege of working with 22 of the […]
October 16, 2013

New Squad Member: Waldemar Kowalski and Using the ScanSnap iX500 in an Educational Environment

One of the primary pleasures in the IT side of my brain is in scoping out new technologies and their innovative uses. I’ve always been interested […]