Squad Member Linda Davis on Using Evernote to Streamline Your Business

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November 19, 2013
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Squad Member Linda Davis on Using Evernote to Streamline Your Business

I recently returned from the National Association of Realtors Conference held in San Francisco where for six days I soaked up some great technology ideas. As a lover of Evernote, one of my favorite sessions came in the NAR Theatre where Stacey Harmon presented 5 Tips to Streamline Your Business using Evernote. Stacey did a remarkable job in only 20 minutes on a topic worthy of hours. Here are her 5 Tips with my comments added.

  • Digitize EVERYTHING: The business of real estate is inherently disorganized. With Evernote you can find everything with a fast, smart and powerful search, including handwritten notes and location.
  • PROPERLY Set up Evernote: The very first step is to create an Evernote Account, otherwise the apps on your mobile devices won’t make much sense!
  • Organize with Stacks and Notebooks: I like to describe Evernote like a big fat three ring binder.
  • Collaborate with Assistants, Clients, Brokerage, Affiliates, and Agents: You can share a public link with clients and a whole notebook with other Evernote users.
  • Use Skitch to Annotate and Clarify: This cool app brings Evernote to the next level!

Evernote was the perfect tool for my conference experience. If you are a Realtor who loves Evernote as much as I do, be sure to join my Evernote for Real Estate group on Facebook.

For a complete view of Stacey’s presentation including screen shots and resources, you can go to bit.ly/NARTheaterEvernote.

To complete the Evernote picture, Stacy Harmon had a bit of fun
and snapped a photo of me taking notes in Evernote at the Conference.