ScanSnap Squad

Our Squad is a group of power users who help you get more out of your ScanSnap, by offering tips and shortcuts for working smarter and improving workflow. Meet our members!

Lorene Romero


Lorene is the owner of Sharp Tongued Consulting. Her passion for travel and getting people organized makes it a great job. Other areas of her life include being the Northwest Regional Director for the National Association of Travel Agents, Past Chair of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce, and Donate Life Ambassador, Sonoma County LEAD.

Other passions of hers includes working on her MacBook and iPad/iPhone, cycling in the Wine Country, talking about being a Living Organ Donor, being clean and sober and (of course) coffee.

"I use my iX500 practically every day and when I travel, my iX100 is always in my carry-on bag."

Jelena Arkula


Jelena, founder and principle of Books LA, is on a mission to streamline custom Bookkeeping Services and Cloud Accounting to individuals and small businesses, making their lives better and quality of time more manageable.

With more than 10 years and counting in the industry this company still has an impeccable reputation for excellence in several industries. A lot of this time has been spent assisting clients to better understand their finances and also in taking control of them in order to see more profit.

"I ♥ being able to search my entire filing cabinet with CTRL+F... from anywhere in the World!"

Heather Walker

Professional Organizer

Heather teaches her clients to leverage tech tools to solve common digital-age problems, such as digital disorganization, scattered information across multiple platforms, messy desktops, digital team collaboration, and task and project management. Heather’s professional tech training career began when Microsoft rolled out its first version of Office - and she’s been teaching people to use tech tools ever since.

She spent 10 years working in Silicon Valley and overseas in the technology industry after receiving her MBA from the University of North Carolina. Although a 14th-generation Georgian, Heather and her Bostonian husband are raising their three kids in San Rafael, California.

"I’ve never met a scanner easier to use than my ScanSnap iX500. It makes going paperless much easier than you might expect. It’s saved my sanity."

Karen Simon

Professional Organizer

Karen is a 20+ year technology and information organizing consultant whose passion is to help small business and entrepreneurs to capture amd keep the "right" information in the "right" place for streamlined operations. "Employees need info at their fingertips to do their jobs well. And no matter which hat an owner is wearing, he/she needs to be able to easily take the temperature of the business to make the best decisions."

"Hands down! Scansnap scanners are THE simplest, fastest, easiest way for my clients to convert & organize paper into digital documents!"

Penny Catterall

Professional Organizer

Penny is the owner of Order Your Life, LLC. She first started off in 2009 helping Bethesda-area friends declutter their homes. Since then her focus has shifted to bringing that same level of organization support to small businesses and home offices.

What she loves to do more than anything else is help people manage their paper, electronic files, and digital life so that they can enjoy the peace that comes with knowing everything is in order.

"My ScanSnap is my other right hand - I rely on it daily to keep my clients’ and my own paper piles under control!"

Cindy Schroeder


Cindy is the owner of Bright Bookkeeping LLC started in 2007. She is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, an alumni member of Intuit Council Advisory Board, and a Certified Sleeter Consultant. Cindy has proven her in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks and is passionate about using her expertise to help businesses succeed and grow. She specializes in cloud based bookkeeping solutions for service based businesses. She was named by CPA Practice Advisor as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting in 2016 and named to Intuits Top 20 Firm of the Future List.

She believes in helping others and has founded Bookkeeping Buds, a Bookkeeping Community to empower, support, and share ideas with other owners. The group currently has 4 local meetings in the Chicago area, a virtual call for bookkeepers across the country and also hosts a Boutique Retreat.

"ScanSnap is a must have on your way to a creating a paperless firm. I love how easy it is to use and the quality of the scan is always perfect."

Linda Davis

Real Estate

Linda has sold real estate in Ledyard, CT for over 40 years. She has been a Broker with RE/MAX Realty Group since 1985 and has received that company’s Life Time Achievement Award. She has spoken on Social Media and other real estate technology solutions to real estate professionals around the country at regional real estate conferences as well as Inman Connect, CRS Sellabration, the RE/MAX International Convention, and The Triple Play in Atlantic City.

Linda has been blogging since September 2005 and currently writes and maintains several blogs. “Simply Ledyard” , tackles real estate, land use issues and even local politics, mostly with a sense of humor. She has a long history of community service and currently serves as Chairman of the Ledyard Town Council.

"I would give up my dishwasher before I give up my ScanSnap."

Ernie Svenson


Ernie Svenson learned the keys to paperless lawyering and online marketing, which allowed him to create a rewarding and lucrative solo practice. Now, he helps other lawyers use technology to make their practices less stressful, more profitable, and easier to manage.

He's written several books, and often speaks to lawyer groups around the country. Visit or for more information about his online courses, some of which you can start taking for free.

“ScanSnap is THE perfect scanning solution for law firms big or small!”

Alan Pearlman


For over 43 years, Northbrook family law attorney Alan has been helping families in Chicagoland and Lake County through difficult times in divorce and other family law matters, as well as Criminal and Complex DUI and Traffic matters. His office concentrates on finding hidden assets in High Profile Divorce cases, while at the same time helping couples complete a dissolution of marriage through trial or a negotiated settlement agreement, and attending to all the important issues in their divorce matter, including child custody and visitation, child support, spousal maintenance and the division of marital property.

Alan Pearlman, Ltd. also assists clients in matters involving domestic violence, adoption, and post-divorce compliance with domestic relations orders such as the enforcement of visitation schedules or the payment of child support. Throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, contact Alan Pearlman, Ltd. for sound advice and professional representation in divorce and other Illinois family law matters.

“Before the ScanSnap Series of Scanners and the ScanSnap Cloud my office work was a tedious task getting files organized and digitized – now it’s simple, fast, easy, and as they say it’s a SNAP!!!!”

Ed Poll


An award-winning legal management consultant who has been quoted in the New York Times and the ABA Journal as well as other leading publications, Edward Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC, has dedicated his career to helping others win.

With over four decades of professional experience, Ed’s extensive background in business and law have made him one of the nation’s most sought-after experts in law practice management. He is the first recipient of the California State Bar (LPMT Section) Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

Patrick Albrecht

Small Business

Patrick is currently providing his know how and broad range of services in boththe Atlanta and South Florida market. His passion is showing anyone, that they can in fact, be well informed and tech capable. Through his 20’s he was a renowned Chef inboth Europe and the states.

“More love, less paper"