ScanSnap Squad: Tips and Recommended Apps for Mac Users

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March 24, 2014
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March 26, 2014
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ScanSnap Squad: Tips and Recommended Apps for Mac Users

Going to Macworld/iWorld is my very favorite stay-cation every year. It’s a time when I leave town with two of my best geek girlfriends.The three of us run and play with like-minded Mac geek people for five days in lovely San Francisco. It’s one of the few times of year I proudly wear my propellerhead hat and see and learn about a whole bunch of new Apple-related technology.

This year I have the pleasure of volunteering in the ScanSnap booth (#612) on opening day this Thursday from 11-2pm. You see, I love ScanSnap and Apple so much I’m volunteering!

MacWorld Image

What do I love most about Macs? The simple answer is everything, but if I must be specific I’d definitely say the wider variety of applications to play with. Here are the Top 3 apps I love most. Why do I love them? Because they work seamlessly with my ScanSnap iX500!

Evernote and Dropbox top the list for me when it comes to productivity applications I can get the most out of when used in tandem with my ScanSnap. Accessibility to my scanned document from any device at any time is a huge plus for me because I travel quite a bit. Another very cool app is called CardMinder. I love scanning a business card and having it perfectly link to my contacts program because it saves me so much time I would otherwise spend manually typing in information.

Because it’s Macworld week, and as a little bonus, here are a few quick time-saving tips I have found really helpful over the years and think you will, too.

1. When setting up ScanSnap Manager make sure to point the scans directly into a folder called “current scans.” This will make them easy to find. Also send copies to Evernote and DropBox. You can never save your important items in too many places!

2. Want to make a quick and dirty screen shot of your desktop? Use option + command + 4

3. When scanning a business card use the CardMinder, which comes bundled with your ScanSnap. It will automatically pull the information from the card and import it into your contact program, as I noted above. No more wasting time typing all the information from those cards you collected from conferences and shows.

4. Create an Evernote account. It’s free and a wonderful way to save important information and make it accessible from any device or browser.

Will we see you at Macworld this week? If so, swing by the ScanSnap booth and say hello!

Lorene Romero,
ScanSnap Squad, Mac Expert