ScanSnap Cloud In A Multi-Location Small Business

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April 23, 2017
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ScanSnap Cloud In A Multi-Location Small Business

Efficiency is key for the survival of every business – large or small. For “micro” businesses (less than 10 employees), this is vitally important if you want to stay in front of your competition, and even more so, if the company has multiple locations. For you, the challenge is to have key information centrally-located, organized and accessible at all times. Use of both cloud-based and mobile apps ease the burden of making the information available, but what about the efficiency & organizing parts of the equation?

Story About Jane

Take Jane, for example (name changed for privacy). She’s the owner of a service company with locations and employees in Seattle and Chicago. Her bookkeeper is virtually located in Milwaukee. Before we introduced ScanSnap’s innovative ScanSnap Cloud app, her employees were taking photos of each receipt and emailing them to the bookkeeper for expense reimbursement and invoicing for client expenses.

Now, we all know that email has size limitations when it comes to attachments, and photos are the worst culprit – never mind the nightmare of going back to delete the photos to save space! What about the horror for the bookkeeper who has to download the photos to include with reports and invoices?

To add to the difficulty, service notes and completed client status report forms were being uploaded from employee’s computers and mobile devices into their Dropbox client folders. Information was often found misfiled in various digital cloud accounts, leaving employees and managers confused and frustrated as they scrambled to find information.

Enter ScanSnap Cloud

We connected a ScanSnap iX500 to ScanSnap Cloud to show Jane the beauty of this marriage of technology and efficiency. We set ScanSnap Cloud to send receipts to a Receipts folder and send the documents to Dropbox. Then, we put a pile of client reports and receipts in the scanner and pressed the button. Imagine her celebration when Jane opened Dropbox and saw her client notes there! Peeking at the Receipts location, she found them stored as PDFs right where the bookkeeper would need them. The pile of paperwork was scanned, automatically identified, and each item went directly to the various cloud accounts with the push of a button – all this without a computer or mobile device! Since ScanSnap Cloud works with both the iX500 and the iX100, the company’s service workers choose the model that matches their job function.

ScanSnap Cloud

Working Smarter

ScanSnap Cloud’s innovative software takes scanning and recognition to a new level. It identifies document types and adds it to the appropriate cloud service and/or “document-type” folders. For Jane, her staff, and others from our client base, here are just some of the reasons why they rave about ScanSnap Cloud for efficiency:

• Employees & field personnel toting their ScanSnap iX100 can scan directly to cloud storage

• Information is not stored on employees’ “personal” computers, thus info in a central location

• Time saved skipping the tasks of downloading, uploading and, later, deleting files to save space

• Eliminates emailing back and forth

• With automatic sorting by document type, no need to pre-sort items, scan separately or change storage destination(s)

• Works with iX500 and the (ultra portable, “travelmate”) iX100

• Makes documents accessible to all personnel who don’t use a scanner, but need to access info from anywhere

How many steps will YOU eliminate today on your way to a more efficient and streamlined business?

Karen Simon is the Technology Organizing Specialist at Island Organizers, a company that helps small business owners and solopreneurs to become and stay organized. She is also part of the Tech Team at, a resource for productivity consultants to stay current with tools and techniques to help their clients. Contact Karen at