ScanSnap Asks: Why Do You Love ScanSnap?

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June 27, 2014
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ScanSnap Asks: Why Do You Love ScanSnap?

If you have been a ScanSnap user for any length of time you probably realize that every once in a while we reach out with a few survey questions so we can better understand your experience with our products. We recently asked some of you how ScanSnap has made life easier and received some very interesting replies. We decided to share a few with our community to get you thinking about other ways your ScanSnap might come in handy!

twitter bannerR1“I came across the ScanSnap after adopting Evernote as my online storage/archive system. I have incorporated Evernote and the ScanSnap into David Allen’s Getting Things Done workflow and methodology. I am now able to empty my inbox and rid my desk of paper in a snap!”Paul

“We scan thousands of documents each year. Being able to have searchable PDFs makes finding information contained within quick and easy. This saves our employees time (which equals dollars).”Michelle

“I can just use the computer’s search function to find the document or content I’m looking for and, believe me, it comes in handy and saves hours of time.”Adrian

“I am a¬†psychotherapist with a home office and two therapy offices. By scanning all my client information forms and loading them into Dropbox, which is password protected, I have easy access to my client information from my iPhone, iPad or computer. I don’t need to worry about losing or misplacing confidential files or not having easy access to client information wherever I am. I also am in the process of scanning all the professional journal articles I want to save, labeling and organizing them according to my purposes. I had been making multiple copies and had huge paper files that made it hard to find what I was looking for. The paper is slowly disappearing as I continue scanning.”Robert

“I can exchange documents with offices in distant locations!”Carol

“By scanning and securely storing information – we are helping to keep private information on our clients private. Also, the scanning is high resolution, so when it is electronically emailed or faxed to another destination, the quality is better. In addition, scanning has reduced my need to print – saving paper, ink, etc. … and I feel that I am doing better for our environment.”Margarita

Do you have an interesting story to share? Email it to us so we can share it to help other users!

Whitney Willard
Events Specialist
Fujitsu Computer Products of America