ScanSnap Advocate Spotlight: Mayville State University

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October 23, 2014
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ScanSnap Advocate Spotlight: Mayville State University

As you sit at your desk, are you surrounded by paperwork? Would you like those stacks to be gone but have the information from them readily available? There is truly a way to make all that paper disappear!

Scanners are becoming popular and the technology has gotten better. Mayville State University is moving toward using scanners for all documents that come in to the university. Because of that, I figured my office better stay ahead of the curve. I am the Director of Enrollment Services, which is at the front line. We receive contact cards, ACT scores, shot records and prospective students’ transcripts on a daily basis. Needless to say, it doesn’t take long for the piles of paperwork start to stack up. I began to do some research and found the Fujitsu ScanSnap model S1100. Because of the amount of travel in my line of work, I was looking for a product that was small, light and portable. Also, we’re a laptop university which means that all of our students get a computer to use for school. We travel with laptops to show them off to any perspective students.


The ScanSnap S1100 works great with all our laptops and fits right in the same bag when I travel. Now, contact cards can be scanned directly to my laptop just as soon as the student fills it out. Instead of bringing a stack of cards back with me, they are easily digitized right to my computer. The scanner is quick. As in, maybe 7 seconds to scan a full page color document quick. I have only had the scanner for a months but so far, I’m very pleased with what it can do. I can take any document and change it to an Excel file, Word document, attachment for an e-mail or just archive it for later use.

If you are looking for an affordable way to jump into the scanner market, the Fujitsu S1100 is a great way to go. Everything that you want in a scanner while still being compact and portable!

James Morowski
Director of Enrollment Services