Scanning to SugarSync with ScanSnap

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August 2, 2012
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August 8, 2012
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Scanning to SugarSync with ScanSnap

Have SugarSync? Have a ScanSnap? Need the ability to locate and reference your scanned documents on-the-go? No problem!

SugarSync can help you access and store your documents from just about anywhere. By scanning directly to SugarSync from your ScanSnap scanner, you’re on your way to taking your entire filing cabinet with you wherever you go. Need to pull up that invoice from a few months back that you scanned into SugarSync? No problem. That invoice is sitting out there in the cloud, ready for you to take another look using your mobile device, Mac, PC or any other device that is supported by SugarSync. It’s really that easy!

Want to know more and see how it’s done in real time? Then check out the video we’ve put together below to help you get started.

Harman Bola
Product Marketing
Fujitsu Computer Products of America