Scanning In the Courtroom with ScanSnap

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April 26, 2017
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Scanning In the Courtroom with ScanSnap

You probably already know ScanSnap’s iX Series does wonders with decluttering and organizing the home and office environments. But did you know the same solutions apply to legal professionals in the courtroom?

Recently, we sat down with our legal guru and ScanSnap Squad member, Alan Pearlman, to get the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth about how he’s getting the most out of his scanners.

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Alan Pearlman (AP): I have been a practicing attorney in Chicago and surrounding suburbs for over 43 years in active trial practice for Divorce, Criminal, DUI, and Driver’s License Reinstatement Law. I am also the author of the nationally syndicated and trademarked column entitled “The Electronic Lawyer“, read by 200,000 attorneys, corporate counsel, paralegals and judges throughout the United States each month. My columns frequently appear online and are a regular feature in the American Lawyer Media’s Syndicated Publications. Likewise, I am also active as a computer consultant to several law firms in Chicago, and other firms throughout the United States.

What ScanSnap products do you currently use, and how long have you had them?

AP: I current use the ScanSnap SV600, iX500, iX100 and the S1300i. I guess it’s safe to say that I have the whole ScanSnap product line and I have used them since each model came out into the marketplace.

What made you select ScanSnap?

AP: The reason that I use the ScanSnap product line is that these products have an ease of use that none other in the market have! The technology that they utilize is simple and straight forward, and all my office staff finds them easy and dependable to work with.

How do you use ScanSnap?

AP: In the courtroom, I love having my ScanSnap iX100 in my briefcase, in case I need to scan new documents just handed to me by opposing counsel, for later office use. It’s a time saver! However, even more so I absolutely love the new ScanSnap Cloud app for my iPhone. I use it a lot in the courtroom to make it even easier for my staff at the office to instantaneously get the documents I just received from counsel. Outside of court, I use the ScanSnap SV600 a lot for larger law books and bigger demonstrative evidence items so that I can have them when I need them. I also enjoy the speed of the iX500 and the way I can get all different size items at the same time.

What type of responses do you receive when you pull out your iX100 in the courtroom?

AP: When I pull out the iX100 in the courtroom, all the attorneys around me first ask what it is and then they ALL want to know how it works, as I am not hooked up to any computer when I send scans to the cloud. They are amazed that I can send documents to the cloud service without having my iX100 attached to a computer. I prove to them it’s in the cloud when I show them my phone app and the document is there, ready for the office staff to pull it down to them.

What type of documents do you scan the most?

AP: I scan all types of discovery items in Divorce matters, and all types of reports and discovery in my Criminal and DUI cases. I also must admit that I love to scan the business cards I get, so that I can then get rid of the paper clutter and just toss them after I have them in my app.

If you had to guess, how many documents did you scan in 2016?

AP: A rough guess is that in 2016 I probably scanned approximately 1,900 to 2,500 or more documents. I do about 50 or more each month depending on the caseload, and how much discovery there is in each matter. No matter what it is, I know that my arsenal of ScanSnap scanners can handle it with ease.

Anything else interesting to add?

AP: The only other item of interest I can add is that for the folks who have not tried the ScanSnap Cloud app for the phone or tablet, is is a MUST! Try it and use it because you now have the total ability to scan with a phone camera right to the cloud and be able to have documents when you want and need them with no computer!!! It’s the best thing since can soup, as the saying goes!