Recapping MCE ’12

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December 7, 2012
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December 14, 2012
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Recapping MCE ’12

How many times have I written about how ScanSnap is a champion of the Mac platform? Each month perhaps? Well, let me say it again. Fujitsu shows it in big and small ways. Most recently it was because they were premier sponsors of the 19th annual Mac Computer Expo in Petaluma, CA.

One of the things I love most about the Mac community is how small and friendly it really is. For example, ScanSnap, as a sponsor, had a table in the lobby. I was the person who worked with all the vendors for MCE. As with most trade shows everything is done by email with no face-to-face interaction.

As the vendors arrived, one looked really familiar but at that moment neither one of us could figure out why. About two hours later, Harman figured it out. He and I worked together at the massive ScanSnap booth at Macworld in January. I was one of their “booth babes”.

Harman is a great guy and it was wonderful to watch him talk with MCE attendees about the ease of use of their products with all kinds of Macs. It is so comforting to see a real Mac person show product on a Mac. Sadly, so many companies say they are Mac friendly and are not.

Another way ScanSnap showed their Mac support was to offer a S1300i for a contest to drive people to the MCE Facebook page. How cool is that?! We had over 50 people post “I LOVE ScanSnap” to our page. The winner was Jennifer Maurer of Petaluma. Interestingly, we had entries from all across the US, but the winner was local and I was able to hand-deliver her scanner.

Again, thank you ScanSnap for being such a huge Mac Community supporter!

As I close this article, I just read that Evernote will be releasing their new Evernote 5 for the Mac. Have you seen it yet? I can’t wait for the release. The shortcuts and expanding notebook features are what I want to get my hands on.

Next month I hope to have more information about Evernote 5 and will write more about it.

Until then, please feel free to write to me about some of your favorite Mac tips and tricks. What are your favorite uses for your ScanSnap in your everyday life?

Lorene Romero (@lorener) is the President of the North Coast Mac Users Group in Santa Rosa, CA. She is also a full-time Travel Agent.