ScanSnap iX500

Wireless desktop document scanner.

The ScanSnap iX500 has been discontinued.

Check out its replacement, the ScanSnap iX1500: offering wireless connectivity, cloud scanning support for popular cloud services,
easy touch screen controls, and simple but powerful ScanSnap Home document management software .

Simple, Fast & Wireless!

Advanced Paper Feeding System

Inheriting the superior paper feeding technology of our professional-grade scanners, iX500 achieves exceptional feeding reliability using "Separation Roller" technology to minimize jams and multi-feeds.


With a Wi-Fi connection, you are no longer restricted by the length of your USB cable. Not only can you place the iX500 wherever you please, you can scan directly to an iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire mobile devices, without even turning on the computer.

Wi-Fi or USB connectivity to a computer

Scan Directly to Mobile Devices

Designed with extra care for details

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