Prepare for the Holidays with ScanSnap iX100

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December 8, 2014
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December 16, 2014
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Prepare for the Holidays with ScanSnap iX100

The final weeks leading up to the holidays are always a bit chaotic. Attempting to juggle last-minute shopping, work obligations, holiday meal prep and gatherings with friends and family can be overwhelming. Before I know it, I’m super stressed out! Experts say the key to maintaining sanity in the midst of a hectic holiday schedule is to stay organized, which is why I’m in love with my ScanSnap iX100 mobile document scanner.

When dealing with crowded parking lots, long lines and too many shopping bags for one person to manage, all of those gift receipts usually find their way straight to a crumpled mess at the bottom of my purse. Most don’t see the light of day again until after the holidays are over, and if I need to recover one for a return, I’ll pray it’s somewhere in there still. This method of receipt management, or mismanagement rather, not only leads to lost receipts but also overblown budgets. Well not this year! This holiday season I’m determined to stay organized and within my budget, so keeping close track of my purchases is critical.

Luckily, the ScanSnap iX100 makes it easy to keep track of all those paper receipts while on the go. It’s so compact that I keep it in my car’s glove compartment and as soon as I exit a store – even before buckling my seat belt, I scan the receipt to my iPhone and it’s instantly saved as a PDF. When I return home after making trips in and out of about 47 stores, I can transfer all of my scanned receipts into the ScanSnap Receipt software which extracts all the data, and even tallies the total I’ve spent so far, helping me to manage my holiday spending. Added bonus: When someone needs to make a return a month later, I can easily search for the exact receipt they need and within minutes I am even able to email it to them!



Scanning recipes is another way that the iX100 will help ease my holiday stress. I brought my iX100 along with me when I went home to my parents’ for Thanksgiving last month and scanned some old, handwritten, family recipes that I knew I wanted to include in my holiday meals this year. Instead of calling my mom last minute to write down the ingredients and instructions for half a dozen recipes, I can pull them up on my phone in about ten seconds. Also, there is nothing more frustrating than getting into a crowded grocery store after circling the parking lot for several minutes looking for a space, only to find that you left a recipe, or shopping list at home. But, like most people, I’m never without my phone, so I know I can instantly pull up my lists in the store for a much more pleasant shopping experience. Now if only my iX100 could do something about those long checkout lines…

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Carrie Laffen
Marketing Specialist
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.