Document Preparation for Scanning

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March 14, 2011
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March 14, 2011
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Document Preparation for Scanning

You watched the video on how to clean your ScanSnap and learned how you can change its consumables. However, you’re still experiencing occasional double feeds. Believe it or not, you could be causing the problem!

Preparing your paper for scanning is just as important as keeping your ScanSnap clean, so we created this short three step primer on paper prep.

1. ‘The Fan’ – Some double feeds can be caused by paper that is too clean, or ‘copier fresh’. In this instance, the pages are typically the same size, wrinkle free and have little space or air between pages. The cure is simple; fan the pages to eliminate any static electricity and loosen the stack.

Prep Paper for Better Performance_1

2. ‘The Taper’ – When a large stack of paper is scanned, the additional weight of the stack creates more pressure on the front pages and can cause double feeds. Try this – taper, or ‘stair step’ the pages so that the leading edge of the first page is slightly ahead of the second page and the second page is slightly ahead of the third page and so on… Resist the temptation of straightening the edges of the stack on a desktop, table or other flat surface; that flat edge could be the problem. Stack the tapered batch of documents in the feeder with the leading edge of the first page as page number one, and you will be ready to scan the large stack.

Prep Paper for Better Performance_2

3. ‘The Wrinkle’ – In rare instances, wrinkling the documents can help. For example, thin or slick paper may stick together. A quick wrinkle of the stack creates separation between pages and makes them easier to scan.

Prep Paper for Better Performance_3

Remember to keep you ScanSnap clean, change the consumables as needed and always prep your paper!

Derek Flower
Senior Account Manager
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.