New ScanSnap Squad Member: Kate Peila and Her Paperless Classroom

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October 29, 2013
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November 1, 2013
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New ScanSnap Squad Member: Kate Peila and Her Paperless Classroom

Hi there!

My name is Kate Peila and I am a primary teacher from Billings, Montana. I have the privilege of working with 22 of the brightest, most inquisitive little students around. In addition to my work in the classroom, I also blog over at Purely Paperless and serve as a regular contributor for Appolearning.

To some extent, paper is part and parcel of the elementary school experience. Learners are beginning the process of learning how to cut, color, and glue. They have to learn how to properly form letters in both print and cursive. As a classroom teacher, my biggest challenge has been trying to find a way to collect, share, and organize all of these resources!

My journey toward a more paperless classroom began a few years ago. Personally, as an early technology adopter, nearly everything in my personal life is paperless. With tools like ScanSnap scanners and Evernote, it’s easy to access everything I need from any device, anywhere. Initially, I struggled to reconcile my personal systems with the overwhelming stacks of paper in the classroom. With the help of my ScanSnap and various online storage solutions, I have moved the bulk of my record-keeping and classroom document storage to the cloud.

While paper will always have a special place in the primary classroom, with the advent of new and innovative learning technologies, many of the resources that we previously completed on worksheets or paper can now be completed on an interactive whiteboard or a computer. I’m excited to share how the ScanSnap scanner has helped me to breathe new life into old resources.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share some of the ways that the ScanSnap Scanner has revolutionized my classroom over the coming months!

Kate Peila
Third Grade Teacher
Blog: Purely Paperless