Moving Up, Losing Space: How ScanSnap Keeps Us Sane

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December 14, 2016
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December 27, 2016
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Moving Up, Losing Space: How ScanSnap Keeps Us Sane

I’m an officer in the Navy and was lucky enough to be selected for an engineering graduate degree program in Boston this past spring. My wife (who works from home) and I packed up all our stuff, including all our paperwork, and moved from 1200 sq. ft. down to 800 sq. ft.

Between her working from home, my stacks of military, engineering, and professional articles, and all my school notes, things got tight, very quickly. Our apartment became a sea of cardboard boxes as we tried the “out of sight and out of mind tactic.”


But then, our ScanSnap iX500 came to the rescue. I had waffled on the decision for a while, but now I really wish I had purchased it before we left our old house; we could’ve saved ourselves a lot of room in the moving trucks. The bags of freshly scanned papers shown in the picture above are just a sample, and in the end, we have shredded or recycled over 10 large boxes of papers. I also use my scanner at the end of every school term so that I can keep my notes forever without all of the bulk.

Thank you ScanSnap!

LCDR Matt Washko
Naval Construction and Engineering Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology