An Introduction to Scanning Projects with RentScan

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August 4, 2014
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August 14, 2014
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An Introduction to Scanning Projects with RentScan

As a ScanSnap owner, you already understand the benefits of having your day-to-day information in electronic form, but what about your archives? There is a lot to consider when determining the best way to preserve and protect your archived paper documents, not to mention some barriers preventing you from taking the first step. Digitizing documents has a lot of benefits like circumventing the difficult and time-consuming process of searching for information or avoiding the risks associated with losing your paper-based information in a disaster, as well as how you might utilize the extra space created by ridding yourself of all of those dead trees.

The best way to get started would be to break down big projects into smaller ones. Although, you do have a few different ways of approaching your scanning project:

– Have a one-time scanning project to digitize your entire archive
– Divide and conquer your scanning project over multiple smaller projects
– Plan annual scanning projects to prevent large paper archive accumulations

And, while utilizing a ScanSnap is the ideal solution for your day-to-day scanning needs, sometimes the volume of paper you’re attempting to digitize requires more than one scanner or just some extra oomph. Purchasing multiple scanners likely isn’t realistic for most people. If that describes your current situation visit RentScan by Fujitsu. It’s the ideal solution for short-term, high-volume scanning projects.

RentScan makes scanning projects as simple as can be. We provide all the necessary items from complimentary project planning to a scanning solution that will suit your needs. As part of the service, we also include:

– 40 PPM, 90 PPM, or 130 PPM scanning options
– Flexible scanning software
– Live remote installation, configuration, and training services bundled at no additional cost
– RentScan Assurance, which includes unlimited scanning and no per-page fees, unlimited technical support, and hardware protection.

So, if you’re facing a scanning project that feels insurmountable, consider RentScan by Fujitsu as a means for helping you conquer it. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing a series of how-to posts focused on RentScan along with different tips for scanning projects, so stay tuned!

Jonathan Robinson
Product Manager
Fujitsu Computer Products of America