ImageRamp for ScanSnap: Affordable, Intuitive Indexing and Data Capture Solution

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ImageRamp for ScanSnap: Affordable, Intuitive Indexing and Data Capture Solution

Easy to deploy and maintain, ImageRamp Desktop installs as a ScanSnap extension available through the ScanSnap Manager. As you scan documents through any recent ScanSnap configured scanner, ImageRamp appears as an available output file. Users can now:

• Perform onscreen indexing using drag-and-drop OCR
• Automate index capture with OCR zones* or barcodes
• Automate file naming and routing using barcodes or OCR
• Split and create new files from barcode separation pages
* Zonal OCR “reads” text from a specified zone on the document and extracts that text for indexing and file naming/routing/splitting.


Affordable Scan Indexing

With ImageRamp, capture index data at the document’s point of entry into your workflow. Setting up indexing configurations is easy with flexible, reusable profiles. These customizable job menus or profiles help capture critical document properties for use in any database system through direct, CSV, or XML interface options

Populate index fields automatically with barcode data or zonal OCR or manually use pull-down lists or drag-and-drop OCR. For manual data entry, capture the information with the onscreen keyboard on touchscreen scanners or with an attached USB keyboard.


File Naming, Splitting and Delivery
Information extracted from barcodes or through OCR can also be used to name and split documents. Additionally, use this data to automatically place the file in a folder that is named using any barcode data, scan date or time, and extracted text.

If your documents don’t have barcodes, learn about our free barcode tool.

Watching Folders
Users can also take advantage of powerful folder processing where users scan to a folder and let ImageRamp Batch “watch” the folder and automatically process files as they arrive. Using ImageRamp Batch simplifies the scanning process as operators just choose which folder to receive the scan.

About DocuFi
DocuFi is built on over 30 years’ experience in the Document Imaging and Capture market. Our capture solutions include ImageRamp indexing and folder processing and ChronoScan Capture for advanced barcode and data mining requirements. We also offer powerful, yet affordable tools to edit, compare, and convert PDF and TIFF files and free imaging/document tools. The DocuFi team has assisted clients in healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, utilities, and more with document and drawing management challenges.

David J. Wilson