I’m an Efficiency Junkie, So What?

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April 21, 2009
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I’m an Efficiency Junkie, So What?

Life these days is so intense and chaotic that I’m often looking for new ways to maximize, not only my professional, but personal competencies. Think about it, today we are a nation filled with “Wash ‘n go,” “Grab ‘n go” and “Swipe ‘n go” (Visa does a great job depicting our ‘on-the-go’ mentality). All of this creates rhythm in our lives. We’re on the go to get things moving and to get them moving quickly; we don’t want anything to break the cycle or to slow us down.

If you’re following me here, you might also agree that mail, not email but the dreaded snail mail, is one area that most certainly slows us down. I’ve had some success in taming this paper nuisance and wanted to share a few tips on managing your mail more efficiently:

  1. Reduce incoming mail – sign up for online bill payment with your bank and exercise all supplier options for eBilling.  If you have concerns about electronic billing, visit eBilling
  2. Have the right tools – a trash can, paper shredder and ScanSnap to digitize the paper.
  3. Toss junk mail – anything you’re confidant doesn’t have any data that might compromise your personal (like store catalogs and flyers) get rid of.
  4. Handle the rest – open each item, take the appropriate action such as writing a check, sending an RSVP, etc., and then file the paper if absolutely necessary or scan and file electronically
  5. Shred and recycle the paper documents.
  6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you’ve handle every item in your mail pile.

As Peter Drucker once said, “efficiency is doing better what is already being done.”

Stay tuned for more tips on gaining efficiency!

Pamela Doyle, Director, Imaging Products Group
Fujitsu Computer Products of America