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How to Start Going Digital with ScanSnap

Congratulations, this New Year you have resolved to go digital! After doing some research and asking around, you’ve decided that ScanSnap is the perfect tool for your transition to a paperless life. Here is a helpful breakdown of how to get started going digital using ScanSnap.

How to choose the right equipment for your digital needs:



All current ScanSnap models come with the necessary drivers and software to run on both PC and Mac operating systems. That said, you might be wondering which ScanSnap is best for your particular digital needs.

The ScanSnap iX500 wireless desktop scanner is the most popular ScanSnap model. It has a 50-page automatic document feeder and scans up to 25 pages per minute double sided. With the iX500 you have the option to scan wirelessly to a computer or mobile device and its intelligent imaging function automatically rotates your documents right side up, detects and removes blank pages, and has auto color, crop, and size detection.

If portability is an important feature for you, the iX100 wireless mobile scanner might be your best option. It’s powered by a lithium battery and has built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to scan wirelessly to a computer or mobile device even when there is no traditional wireless network available. The iX100 weighs only about 14 ounces and scans a single page in just 5.2 seconds.

If you need to scan bound documents like books or magazines or delicate documents that might be damaged in a document feeder, the SV600 would be your ScanSnap of choice. It is a flatbed-alternative, contactless scanner that scans an A3 size area in less than three seconds. It has features like page turn detection to initiate scanning when you turn a page, and book image correction that automatically corrects distortion caused by the curve of an opened book.

How to choose and set up the best filing software for your digital goals:



ScanSnap’s “Quick Menu” feature has several application icons that show you what you can do with your digitized documents post-scan. Using the CardMinder application, you can scan, organize and store all of your business cards. CardMinder saves images of the cards and allows you to extract the data and export the contact information into applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Act, Goldmine, or to an Excel spreadsheet. For more information regarding CardMinder, click here.

ScanSnap also has a solution for all of those receipts you have piled up. You can digitize and organize all of your receipts using the ScanSnap Receipt application. ScanSnap Receipt automatically extracts data from your scanned receipts and places it into editable fields while also saving an image of the receipt. You can then export the information to a CSV, PDF or JPG file formats Excel spreadsheet. For more information on ScanSnap Receipt, click here.

For scanning and storing documents, I recommend using ScanSnap Organizer. ScanSnap Organizer is a great tool for viewing, editing and organizing your digitized documents. Organizer can also help save you time by using keywords in a PDF to automatically sort your documents. Learn more about ScanSnap Organizer here.

How to ensure you have reliable backup system for your digital needs:



Some users prefer to have a tangible method for backing up files. In this case, you can of course scan your documents to a folder on your computer and then copy the folder to a USB flash drive. You also have the option of scanning your documents directly to a USB flash drive.

Another way to ensure you have a reliable backup system, and my preferred method, is utilizing the default cloud options available on the ScanSnap Quick Menu. A few of the default options available are SugarSync, Evernote, and Dropbox. By scanning to one of these cloud services, you are able to retrieve your documents anywhere and at any time using either your mobile device or your computer.

ScanSnap is the perfect productivity tool to help you get organized and go paperless this New Year! The tips provided in this article should help you get started with digitizing all of your documents. If you have any particular technical questions, please give our Technical Assistance Center a call at 800-626-4686. Happy Scanning!

Nadia Nasrudinzada
Business Development
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc