How to Create a ScanSnap Scanning Profile (PC)

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July 10, 2015
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How to Create a ScanSnap Scanning Profile (PC)

One of the great things about ScanSnap is that you can easily customize the settings in order to best suit your scanning process. One way to do this is to create scanning profiles that enable you to bypass the “Quick Menu” and gain quick access to your most frequently used folders. Creating multiple scanning profiles allows you to easily switch from one profile setting to the next by just a simple click. Check out how easy it is to create the prefect profile for each of your daily tasks, by following these simple steps:

Start by right clicking on the ScanSnap icon located in your system’s task tray, then click “Scan Button Settings.”

profile 5

Once the ScanSnap settings window is open, deselect the “Use Quick Menu” option in the top left corner. With the Quick Menu disabled, you should see a “Profile” dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the settings box.

profile 1

Click on the drop down menu and at the bottom and you will see the option to create a new profile. A new window will open allowing you to name the profile. For this example I’m going to title the profile “Expenses.”

profile 2[2]

Now that the profile has a name, we will choose the settings for it. Under the “Application” tab, select “Scan to Folder” from the Application dropdown menu. Then, from the “Save” tab, select the location you would like the profile to send your scanned documents to. For this example, I will use the browse button to select my “Expenses” folder.

profile 3

Next, click on the “Scanning” tab to change any of the scanning settings such as color detection, resolution, duplex, and continuous scanning. Under the “File Option” tab, you can choose to change the file format, create searchable PDFs, create password protected PDFs, and/or create single or multi-page PDFs.

Once you’ve chosen all of the settings you want for the scanning profile click “Apply” to save. From now on, when you want to scan using the newly created profile, all you need to do is left click on the ScanSnap icon on your system’s task tray and select the profile you want to use.

profile 4

Happy scanning!

Allie Rumpanos
Business Development
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.