How Speedy Organizer works with the ScanSnap Scanner

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February 5, 2010
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February 8, 2010
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How Speedy Organizer works with the ScanSnap Scanner

Speedy Organizer can automatically catalog all of the different types of digital documents that may have previously been stored on your computer(s), as well as those being scanned in from paper originals using your ScanSnap Scanner.

In Speedy Solution’s opinion the best way to manage a digital document environment is to catalog them as and when you first start scanning in the paper originals. Simply digitizing documents is only part of the solution. How can you accomplish this with Speedy Organizer and a ScanSnap scanner? It is very simple.

To manage digital documents requires the same filing disciplines needed to mange and store paper documents. In a digital world it’s just much easier, much faster and much more efficient and the benefits are enormous.

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