How a Scanner Made My Lost iPad Reappear

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August 24, 2012
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How a Scanner Made My Lost iPad Reappear

Earlier this summer I got married. It was the best day of my life followed by the best vacation of my life (thus far). My wife, Ciji, and I spent two weeks relaxing, eating and drinking our ways along the beaches of southern France.

When that got old — it didn’t, we just had plane tickets that needed using — we scooted over to Venice, Italy for a few days.

Just a lovely city, let me tell you, but Venice was going through a heat wave and we were drinking Campari and sodas like they were Gatorade. Two days of reading upside down maps in 90 degree weather and keeping refreshed with Italian cocktails made weary travelers out of the both of us. The effects of which caught up to us at the Venice international airport, where we almost missed our flight because we lost track of time while sipping cappuccinos.

We ran to our plane (OK, it was more of a steady jog) and made it with just minutes to spare. We were relieved, but unfortunately it didn’t dawn on us until we were flipping through inflight magazines that our iPad was still in the white bin used to go through security. In our haste to make our plane we had simply left our iPad behind! This was a bummer, but when you’re on your honeymoon things like losing an iPad don’t seem like a big deal. But… it was an iPad, so Ciji was determined to get it back (that’s my wife!).

We found an email address for the Venice airport and sent a note that included the color of our iPad case and time of day when we went through security. Within hours of sending that email the people at the Venice airport lost and found responded with good news, letting us know that they had our iPad. Awesome! We wrapped up our honeymoon in Monaco and decided to tackle the task of getting the iPad shipped back when we were in the USA.

As it turns out, getting your iPad back from the lost and found department of the Venice airport is a little more difficult than sending an email and asking for them to return it. For reasons relating to security and customs, they required a signed copy of my passport along with a letter authorizing them to ship our iPad to the USA. No problem, so long as I have my ScanSnap S1500M…

I don’t think the airport officials were expecting to receive these documents so quickly, but they underestimated my ability to manage documents with a ScanSnap.

It’s great when things like that work out, but we weren’t playing Angry Birds on the couch just yet. Our ScanSnap did the job it was required of, but there was still the issue of setting up an international FedEx order. Simple enough, but when there’s a language barrier it gets a little tougher to schedule pickup times.

After a few missed attempts and order forms, weeks went by without communication from the airpot or FedEx, but eventually our iPad arrived! It was packed with care, wrapped nicely with pages from the July 19th issue of il Giornale, a daily newspaper published in Milan. So we got our iPad back and it came with an Italian souvenir.

Special thanks to ScanSnap, the great people of the Venice airport lost and found department, il Giornale, and my sister Heather, who helped plan our honeymoon.

Doug Madey
Fujitsu Community Consultant