Getting Organized for Summer: 10 Uses for the ScanSnap iX500

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June 5, 2014
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June 12, 2014
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Getting Organized for Summer: 10 Uses for the ScanSnap iX500

We’re officially less than two weeks away from the start of summer (June 21 is the day of the solstice). While it may already feel like summer with schools letting out and melting heat waves scorching various areas of the country, you still have some time to make that spring cleaning effort you’ve been procrastinating on count. If you live in an area where that pre-summer heat is keeping you inside the cool confines of your air conditioned home, why not utilize your forced captivity and tackle some of those long-standing stacks of dead trees that have been mounting, in some cases since Christmas (!), and feed your hungry ScanSnap?

If you need some basic suggestions on how to jumpstart your organizational effort, here are just a few of things my ScanSnap iX500 and I took down a few weeks ago.

1. Scanning items for tax back-ups such as business expenses and medical receipts
2. Scanning purchase receipts for household items for home inventory
3. Batch scanning old print photos into Dropbox or iPhoto
4. Scanning holiday cards into an Evernote notebook
5. Scanning business cards
6. Scanning medical records
7. Scanning kid’s grade reports
8. Scanning auto service records
9. Scanning checks before depositing them (unless you have a mobile deposit app)
10. Scanning handwritten notes from phone calls into Evernote notebooks

What other kinds of documents have you scanned lately?

Penny Catterall
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