Frequently Asked Questions for the SV600

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December 3, 2015
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Frequently Asked Questions for the SV600

SV600 LF w-Eng[2]

Can you adjust the height of the scanner? No, the height of the scanner is not adjustable. An adjustable height would make it difficult to calibrate the camera and the LED lights, which provide the best images possible.

What is the fastest way to scan a book? There are multiple features with the ScanSnap SV600 that allow you to have the best image quality and to quickly scan a multi-page book. The automatic book image correction feature will automatically correct any distortion that is caused by the curve of an opened book. Just enable the page turning detection mode in which the SV600 will recognize when a page is turned and continue scanning.

Why aren’t my pages cropping? There are a couple things to make sure you’re doing in order to get the pages to crop correctly. The first is to make sure that the book is flush against the scanner and the second is to make sure that the center of the book is lined up to the indent in the middle of the scanner. It will also help to hold down the sides of the pages with your fingertips and ensure that you are scanning with the included background mat.

Why should I use ScanSnap Organizer to save my PDFs? ScanSnap Organizer stores all of your scanned documents in one place. It also enables you to go back and edit the images after you have already saved them. With this option, you are easily able to search for your document and send your scans various applications.

What happens if the book is thicker than 30mm? Once the thickness of a book exceeds 30mm, you will start you lose your image quality and curvature correction. The maximum of 30mm is to ensure the highest image quality and accuracy when you use OCR on the document.

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