Frequently Asked Questions for the iX500

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Frequently Asked Questions for the iX500

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Are you able to scan photos? Although ScanSnap is intended for scanning documents, you can scan your photos using the iX500. We recommend using the included carrier sheet when scanning in order to protect your delicate document from any damage. By increasing the DPI to excellent, you will have the highest resolution settings and you should save them as JPEGs. For more information on scanning photos click here.

Can the iX500 scan long documents? Yes, the ScanSnap iX500 can scan a document that is up to 34 inches long. All you have to do is activate the long document scanning functionality by holding down the blue ‘Scan’ button on your scanner for 3 seconds until the light starts flashing. You will find more information on long document scanning here.

Are you able to scan to web-based emails such as Gmail and Yahoo? Yes, you can do this through the ScanSnap Folder. Using ScanSnap Folder, you can easily attach documents to any web-based application. Skip the multiple steps that you would take to browse and attach a file. Check out this tutorial on ScanSnap Folder.

If you do not have a disc drive, can you download the software? Yes, you can download the software by filling out the download request form. Here is the link to the software request form.

Why doesn’t ScanSnap have a Twain driver? The simple answer is that we cannot make the ScanSnap an easy to use, one touch scanner while running a Twain driver. For more information on Twain drivers check out this article.

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