Frequently Asked Questions for the iX100

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Frequently Asked Questions for the iX100

By now, we know you’re using your ScanSnap iX100 as often as possible to stay organized and declutter on-the-go. That being said, we continue to receive questions each day about various iX100 features and that’s why we want to share our most frequently asked questions (with answers) to all of you. Check them out!

  1. What is the battery life of the iX100?When the battery is fully charged, the iX100 can perform 260 consecutive scans. The battery life will vary depending how many times you turn it on and off, what kind of documents you are scanning, the automatic sleep timer is used. When the battery is depleted it will take three hours to fully charge.
  2. Can you scan using the USB cord with the iX100? Although the iX100 is designed to be your wireless, mobile companion, you can still use the USB cord to scan documents to your computer. You can also continue to use the iX100 wirelessly while it’s charging through the USB plug.
  3. Does it scan hard cards? Yes, you can scan hard cards with the iX100. Make sure that you have the top flap of the scanner closed so the hard card will be able to pass straight out through the back of the scanner. The maximum thickness of cards that can be scanned is .76mm, which is equivalent to an insurance card or driver’s license.
  4. Does it scan wirelessly through Bluetooth?
    No, the iX100 has a GI processor built into it which allows the scanner to actually transmit its own Wi-Fi connection. With Wi-Fi the iX100 is able to transmit your images as quickly as you are able to scan them.
  5. Can someone else connect to my iX100 using direct connect?Yes, you can have up to 10 mobile devices connected to your iX100 using direct connect. Other users would simply need to download the ScanSnap Connect application on their Apple, Android, or Kindle Fire device and go through the initial set up process. Once the initial set up is done, they will be able to connect to the scanner as needed.

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Allie Rumpanos
Business Development
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