End of the School Year

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May 31, 2017
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June 29, 2017
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End of the School Year

It’s the end of the school year and I can’t believe how fast it went by!  If your kid’s school is anything like mine, they spend the last few days cleaning out their desks and the teachers hand back paperwork, projects and art that accumulated over the year.  So on the last day of school, home comes the backpack filled with all of these things. So, what do we do with it?

It’s up to us parents to determine if and what we want to keep.  I try not to get too sentimental about everything my daughter brings home so I reduce it down to art projects, essays, book reports, poems, and once in a while, a test she did well on.  And then there’s also the report card – the report card that my husband and I had meticulously kept our eye on each quarter to see what kind of improvements had been made.

Since we have limited storage space, I’ve decided to use ScanSnap to go digital. I’m able to quickly scan, label and save all of the items I want to preserve, and have a desktop file with subfolders for every school year. The ScanSnap iX500 makes quick work of those handwritten and typed docs. There’s also an SV600 scanner that can accommodate oversized artwork and 3-dimensional projects like clay sculptures, Paper Mache and dioramas.

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I’ve also kept simple drawings my daughter doodled as a toddler.  She would draw the same girl with ponytails over and over again.  We called her Yellow Ponytail Girl…because her hair was yellow.  As time went on, I could see how the ponytail girl became more defined as my daughter’s drawing skills sharpened. But the drawing paper we had was thin, tore easily and discolors over time.  By scanning these images, I now have a digital time-lapse progression of the Yellow Ponytail Girl.

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As parents, it’s always a little bittersweet to look through photos and memorabilia.  We realize that our kid’s childhood is fleeting. But by digitizing their school and art work, we can help preserve the past while reducing the need for storage space…except we still need to talk about all of those stuffed animals.


Krista Luehring

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