Easy Home Management With ScanSnap

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August 25, 2015
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August 27, 2015
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Easy Home Management With ScanSnap

Your home may be your most valuable asset. How do you maintain it? What improvements have you made? The longer, warmer days of summer make it the best time for home remodels and improvement projects. It’s also a good time to perform maintenance on heating and air conditioning units, fireplace clean-outs, and more. Real estate agents say it’s a time when folks are in the midst of selling or buying a home.

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So Much Paper!
No matter which of these activities you are doing with your home this summer, you’re sure to have lots of paperwork both during and after the project! Keeping all of it organized is often a challenge.

Our client, Christie, purchased her home last summer. She stored her documents in a file drawer as she received them: title deed, appraisal and inspection, mortgage documents, home owners association (HOA), etc. When her family moved in, they immediately remodeled the kitchen which required plans, approvals and permits from both the HOA and the City. On top of that, she had construction contracts, warranties, etc., pour in. More paper! Whenever Christie needs to locate a document such as a warranty or maintenance contract, she uses the “puppy dog method,” digging in the cabinet.

ScanSnap To The Rescue
Since Christie has a ScanSnap iX500 scanner for her home-based business, we showed her how it could work for organizing her personal documents too. Using her ScanSnap together with a cloud-based system called HomeZada, she scans and adds the digital documents to the system. The result is a complete “profile” of her home along with all of the documents, accessible from one place. All receipts, maintenance records and photos go into the system also. The search function instantly locates any document or piece of information about her home.

The system does a whole lot more for Christie including:

  • Automatically or manually adds maintenance tasks to a calendar and sends alerts when due
  • Checklists and templates to identify items needed for estimating, budgeting and planning improvement projects
  • Inventory of equipment and possessions (ideal for insurance purposes!)
  • Showcase a digital home profile with photos and records of improvements, etc., to add convenience for buyers

Use your ScanSnap to stay organized by pairing it with home management products like HomeZada. Being a homeowner requires commitment and responsibility to protect, preserve and improve your home’s value.

Karen Simon is the Technology Organizing Specialist at Island Organizers, a company that helps small business owners and solopreneurs to become and stay organized. She is also part of the Tech Team at TechOrganizing.com, a resource for productivity consultants to stay current with tools and techniques to help their clients. Contact Karen at IslandOrganizers.com