Document Scanning: The Evolution Continues…

Does ScanSnap create multi-page PDFs or single page PDFs?
March 11, 2009
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Document Scanning: The Evolution Continues…

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly six years since we introduced the first ScanSnap. Of course, over the years the product has gone through many changes and we’ve continued to add new features – from Mac introductions to a solution for consumer’s on-the-go. But more importantly, the document imaging landscape has evolved tremendously in that timeframe.

It’s progressed past speeds and feeds and “one-touch” scanning into an actual lifestyle. A lifestyle focused on productivity, organization and efficiency through something as simple as digitizing documents.

We want to keep the evolution alive and strong! We’ll continue to discuss the issues facing office workers and consumers looking to digitize documents and hopefully become more efficient and productive in the process, which is why we created this ScanSnap community.


We’ll spend time here on a weekly basis providing tips on gaining efficiency, going paperless and maximizing your productivity. We’ll answer your questions – from both Fujitsu’s own seasoned experts and from our peers in the industry – in the “Ask the Expert” section; provide tips and tricks for getting the most out of your ScanSnap and how to troubleshoot and we’ll also keep you up-to-speed on product developments.

Of course, we want to hear from you! So come back and visit us on a regular basis. And, if you have specific questions, inquire in the ‘Ask the Expert’ section.

Looking forward to continuing the evolution with our faithful ScanSnap community!

Mark Lewis
Fujitsu Computer Products of America