Did You Know You Can Scan Documents with Your ScanSnap and Send Them to Your Kindle DX*?

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Did You Know You Can Scan Documents with Your ScanSnap and Send Them to Your Kindle DX*?

For all of the Kindle DX* and ScanSnap owners out there, here is another reason to love your ScanSnap even more. Now you can scan articles, recipes and other important documents with your ScanSnap and put them on your Kindle DX to easily carry them with you on the go.

Recently, I went on a family vacation that involved a plane ride to our destination.  During our five hour plane ride in coach, I did not want to deplete my laptop battery trying to read various articles and business documents that I didn’t get around to reviewing prior to leaving. My laptop battery was better served as movie entertainment for my three young boys during the flight.  Traveling light is a must when we travel, therefore carrying around a ½ ream of paper of reading materials is not an option.  My solution was to load my Kindle DX full of scans of various articles I had clipped from magazines, white papers my boss had handed me to read, details of various sightseeing places I wanted to visit and our favorite family recipes to make during our vacation.

As stated by Amazon, you can send PDF documents to your Kindle DX by e-mailing them to your personal Kindle e-mail address.  Then via the Amazon Whispernet your Kindle compatible PDF file can be downloaded wirelessly to your Kindle DX for a fee of 15 cents per MB.  Amazon also offers a free service to send your personal documents to your Kindle that is a little more involved – please see Amazon’s directions here.  The Kindle DX can also accept PDF files natively via USB for no additional cost.

Here are the suggested ScanSnap settings to follow to send PDF files to your Kindle DX:
Click on the ScanSnap icon in your system tray to open the ScanSnap Manager.  Then click on the “Scanning” tab within the ScanSnap Manager.  Continue by clicking on the “Color Mode” drop down menu and select B&W (for black and white).  Since the Kindle DX device displays material in monochrome, scanning your documents in black and white provides the best results and will create a smaller file size.  Another consideration is if you are scanning a magazine article or newspaper clipping, you may not want to scan the backside of the paper.  In the same “Scanning” tab you can change “Duplex Scan” to “Simplex Scan” to scan only the front side of your document if needed.

Did You Know You Can Scan Documents with Your ScanSnap and Send Them to Your Kindle DX*?

Next click the “File option” tab and click the box next to “Convert to Searchable PDF”.  ScanSnap lets you choose whether to make the first page searchable or every page so choose the setting that best serves your need.  Making your PDF files searchable will allow you to use the Search function within your Kindle DX device in most cases.

Did You Know You Can Scan Documents with Your ScanSnap and Send Them to Your Kindle DX*?

Load paper into ScanSnap and then select “Scan to Email” from the ScanSnap Quick Menu (or from ScanSnap Organizer; drag to “Scan to Email”).  Once the “Scan to Email” screen is open you can change the PDF attachment name to the name you want to see in Kindle.

For example, the screen shot below shows a PDF file named “Barbequed Meat Loaf Recipe”.  Click on “Attach” to launch the file into email and address it to your Kindle’s e-mail address (example -“name” @kindle.com).  Click “Send”.  I find that wireless delivery to my Kindle DX takes less than 5 minutes, however the delivery time may vary depending on file size.

As mentioned above you can also load PDF files via USB from your computer with the Kindle DX, but be advised that Amazon states that the Kindle DX has native PDF support and that certain options for reading a PDF are slightly different than when reading a book on Kindle.

Did You Know You Can Scan Documents with Your ScanSnap and Send Them to Your Kindle DX*?

To take advantage of the rich functionality of Kindle DX, such as resizing the text and other features not available when viewing PDFs, the ScanSnap S510, S1500 and S1500M include a feature called “ Scan to Word” that automatically converts documents into editable Microsoft Word files.  I discovered that when I sent the .doc files created by ScanSnap to my  Kindle DX, I was able to utilize many of the same functions I enjoy when reading a book on Kindle, such as adjusting the font larger or smaller,  operating the text to speech feature, annotating a document with highlights, and using that handy  built-in dictionary feature.

Do you use your ScanSnap to load documents on your Kindle DX?  Send us a note and share your story to scansnap@us.fujitsu.com.

Megan Fowler
Marketing Communications Manager
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc

*Please note: Our findings above were based on the use of a Kindle DX.  We did not test the functionality of the Kindle 1 and Kindle 2 with ScanSnap.