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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can you scan photos with the ScanSnap?

Yes, the ScanSnap scanners sure can scan photos. While ScanSnaps are designed to scan documents into PDFs, many people also use it to scan photos for storage or to share with family and friends. Though they’re not designed to take the place of professional quality photo scanners, which are typically flatbed and have the ability to scan at very high resolutions. The ScanSnap can scan up to 600 dpi and produce exceptional images thanks to our advanced CCD capture device.
Important note: since the ScanSnap is built for documents, delicate photos should only be put through a scanner using a carrier sheet.

2What is the maximum paper size you can scan with the iX500?

The iX500 scanner can scan a document that is up to 34 inches long. Simply open your scanner and extend the trays to their maximum positions. Adjust the sliding guides to help the hold document in place. You may need to use a hand to hold the end if your page if it’s very long, so it doesn’t slip out of the scanner. Then just hold the Scan button down for 3 seconds. The button will blink blue indicating the long page scanning mode is active.

3How does ScanSnap Cloud works?

Scan directly from your iX500 and iX100 to ScanSnap Cloud or scan through the app using your smartphone camera. ScanSnap Cloud intelligently sorts scans by document type, and applies OCR and smart naming to documents, receipts and business cards. ScanSnap Cloud automatically delivers scans to your favorite cloud services. Click here for more information.

4Why doesn’t ScanSnap have a Twain driver?

ScanSnap is designed to be a simple experience, so you can scan your documents and trust they’re captured accurately – and with the best possible quality – without fiddling with driver settings. TWAIN is usually most applicable in enterprise settings when professional content management systems are used and IT personnel are available for driver management. The vast majority of home and small business users don’t need TWAIN.

ScanSnap’s driver is a different approach, for a user who cares about high-quality results without complicated setting details. Our premium scanner makes image and quality adjustments as needed to create the ideal image, without any user intervention. And many common apps, like Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop, can accept ScanSnap scans as easily as TWAIN. It’s easy to set up right from ScanSnap Home, then you can have profile buttons that scan directly to apps of your choice. Nice.

For professional and enterprise users who require a TWAIN driver, Fujitsu fi Series scanners lead the industry in reliability, image quality, and paper handling.

5What is OCR and what can I do with it?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data. Optical Character Recognition functionality in the ScanSnap family of scanners serves several purposes, including:

  • Providing operators a way to make their scanned PDF files instantly searchable
  • Converting paper-based materials back into editable Excel and Word files
  • Extracting contact information from stacks of business cards
  • Automatically embedding important keywords into PDF scans
  • 6How can I check the consumable life count of my ScanSnap scanner?

    To find the consumable counter for your ScanSnap scanner do the following:

  • Do a right click on ScanSnap Manager Icon located at the bottom right side of the computer display (system tray).
  • Note: Windows 7/8/10 may hide this Icon so you may have to click on the up arrow that is also located on bottom right to view icon. Icon is a blue circle with a white “S” in the middle.
  • The right click menu will be displayed, do a left click on the option: “Check Consumable Status”.
  • The Total Page, Pick Roller, and Brake roller counts will be displayed on a new window along with the Reset buttons for the consumables.