September 14, 2009

Can I connect to a database like Oracle, IBM DB2 or Microsoft SQL with my ScanSnap?

The answer is yes, with an add-on tool called GoScan.  GoScan makes the ScanSnap a “scan to database” machine.  Best of all, there is no work […]
September 14, 2009

Tips to Optimize Your Workspace for Productivity

We all opt in to getting daily or weekly emails with helpful information, product recommendations or regular education updates on almost any subject.  One that I […]
September 11, 2009

Scanning a group of documents that is bigger than the capacity of your ScanSnap ADF

We often are asked “how can I scan a report that is 60 pages into one PDF file when my ADF capacity is only 50 pages […]
September 10, 2009

“Designing Spaces” Goes Paperless with ScanSnap

We recently asked you to tune in for ScanSnap on TLC and WE networks’ “Designing Spaces” show.  Here’s the segment for your viewing pleasure.  Watch Fujitsu […]
September 8, 2009

Total Recall: How The E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything

What would happen if we could instantly access everything we were exposed to throughout our lives? In 1998, pioneering computer scientist Gordon Bell and his colleague […]
September 3, 2009

Tell Us How You’ll ScanSnap: University Edition

There are many reasons why people adopt a ScanSnap.  It’s a loyal companion when business or personal mobility is required; it assists with productivity and efficiency; […]