Collaborating with Your Team from all corners of the World

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March 16, 2009
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Collaborating with Your Team from all corners of the World

We’re in a day and age where “WFH” has become a common acronym and an often occurrence. It certainly affords individuals the flexibility of a daily routine that omits a morning and evening commute, while enabling them to be more productive by avoiding office distractions. However, working from home also presents challenges – how can you get your team to work together effectively?

One of the chief concerns of working from home is collaboration. Without the ability to easily stop by a colleague’s office or cubicle to discuss the latest marketing plan or new creative idea, how will your communication be affected? Conference calls are great tools for communication; however they fall somewhat short of true collaboration. Microsoft Office Live Small Business helps organizations to balance the flexibility of working from home with the productivity of collaboration.  And, used alongside the Fujitsu ScanSnap, collaboration is unlocked in a new level of access.

MSFT Office Live and ScanSnapKnowledgeLake Connect software, Office Live Small Business allows organizations to manage paper documents instead of faxing or mailing. Teammates can simply scan documents, with a quick push of a button, directly into Office Live Small Business Document Manager for easy accessibility and for easy indexing. The complete solution – Office Live, ScanSnap and KnowledgeLake Connect – provides ease-of-use in accessing documents, but also helps reduce costs associated with storing documents as it serves as a digital document repository, as well.

Used with a Fujitsu ScanSnap and

Office Live Small Business enables effective collaboration for different types of information.  Here are a few examples of how to use Office Live to get the most out of working from home:

  • With Team Workspace, teams can create important announcements, share information, assign tasks, modify and check availability with the calendar, hold ongoing discussions and manage entire projects.
  • The Contact Manager provides a single view of activity with customers and prospects – tracks every contact with each customer and maintains a running dialogue, checks the status of accounts and sales opportunities from any location – whether you’re at home or working from a branch office
  • Document Manager allows organizations to store important company documents in one central location for easy accessibility and streamlines the editing process by providing employees with an online space to review and collaborate on projects

Give the complete solution a test a drive for your small business needs and let us know what you think.

Derek Flower
Fujitsu Computer Products of America